Using video as a sales channel really shouldn't be this difficult...

We exist because of the opportunity created from the growth of video advertising and mobile traffic, we wanted to create a technology that combines the two into one helpful package!

Ash TV Timeline

July 2016 - Ash TV Launched

Ash Lewis launched Ash TV as a solo operation after developing the first version of the platform alone. The technology was later rebuilt several times before we got to the stage we're at today however, it was a great first product!

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Ash TV Hull Bonhill

September 2016 - Ash TV signs first publishing group, Bonhill Media

After working with independent publishers since launch, September marked our first deal with a major publishing partner, giving our platform access to a number of premium UK titles such as smallbusiness.co.uk, growthbusiness.co.uk and information age.

September 2016 - Co-founder Tom Lewis joins Ash TV

With sales growth underway for our fledgling company, in September 2016 was when our co-founder Tom Lewis (Ash's brother) joined the company in order to assist in client management, publisher acquisition, and growth.

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November 2016 - Ash TV wins the Northern Stars award!

Pitching in front of 300 people in Manchester and going on to win the Northern stars award for the top 10 fastest growing tech companies in the North of the UK was a great moment that helped set us on our trajectory for success.

December 2016 - Ash TV visits Tech Crunch Disrupt London

December 2016 marked Ash TV attending the Tech Crunch Disrupt event in London on the Tech North Pavilion in the "startup alley", the awesome event consisted of two days of pitching and diving into lectures by the top names in modern consumer technologies.

Ash TV Tech Crunch Disrupt Hull London
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January 2017 - We pitch to investors at Bloomberg HQ and visit 10 Downing street

We were invited along to the very impressive 10 Downing street for the guided tour of the prime ministers historic home as well as pitching at Bloomberg HQ in Finsbury Park in their invite-only investors evening.

March 2017 - Ash TV receives a top 10 ones to watch award at the Northern Tech Awards, Newcastle

A great evening in Newcastle was followed by great news as Ash TV took home a "ones to watch" trophy in the Northern Tech Awards presented by GP Bull Hound Managing Partner Hugh Campbell.

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April 2017 - Co-founder and CCO Samra Malik joins Ash TV

During our successful launch and rapid growth plans Samra joined the assist in client management and delivery of campaigns with key accounts and later went on to earn her co-founder status. 

May 2017 - Ash TV attend The Next Web conference in Amsterdam with Tech North

Ash TV ventures to Amsterdam for The Next Web's two-day music and startup technology conference, attended by 15,000 entrepreneurs and over 3000 businesses and featuring appearances from Hardwell, Tumblr Founder David Karp and many more!

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June 2017 - Update from the folks at Ash TV!

Courtesy of our friends over at Tech North, here's an update showing what we've been up to along with a bit of information about the Northern Stars Awards from December 2016.

July 2017 - Ash TV welcomes Mercia Technologies PLC as an investor

July 2017 marked Mercia Technology PLC's initial investment into Ash TV, completing the first Northern Power House equity investment in the area as part of the UK government's £400m Northern investment plan.

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Ash TV Northern Marketing Awards

November 2017 - Ash TV Nominated for Northern Marketing Award

We were nominated for a fantastic award category at the Prolific North, Northern Marketing Awards 2017 for our work with Quick Move Now's section 24 video marketing.

December 2017 - We announce a major publishing partnership with Immediate Media

Ash TV completed a mutli year deal with Immediate media allowing us to have exclusive mobile access to a number of premium UK titles such as BBC Top Gear, BBC Good Food, Gardeners World, Radiotimes.com and many more.

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January 2018 - Ash TV joins the PWC Scale cohort

Ash TV joined the PwC Scale cohort designed for companies scaling past the startup phase, working with PwC to help scale Ash TV in the United Kingdom. 

January 2018 - Former head of Tech North Richard Gregory joins Ash TV's board

In January 2018 our board was majorly strengthened by the introduction of former Tech North lead Richard Gregory, after years of experience running and exciting a successful Manchester based digital marketing agency Richard comes as a valued member of the team.

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February 2018 - Founder Ash Lewis receives 42 under 42 award

Our founder Ash, aged 22 received a "42 under 42" award for his achievements in scaling Ash TV, nominated by Pace Comms.

May 2018 - "Ash TV secures additional £200,000 funding from Mercia Technologies PLC"

In order to help in scaling our operations in technology, client support, training, and publisher growth Ash TV took our next round of investment with Mercia Technologies PLC in May 2018 for an additional £200,000 of funding!

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ashtvteam Ash TV Hull

August 2018 - German and UK teams meet up in Hull HQ

An opportunity for distant colleagues from mainland Europe and the UK office to meet, greet, get to know each other for the first time and have a tonne of fun in the process.

August 2018 - Ash TV listed as one of the 15 UK AI innovators to watch

Thanks to our work on the machine learning powered pattern matching TrueTarget technology we produced as a built-in feature of our video advertising platform we were recognised in the 15 UK AI innovators to watch list in 2018.

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September 2018 - We make the 101 Yorkshire & Humberside Tech list

Huge thanks for businesscloud.co.uk for including us in their 101 Yorkshire & Humberside Tech list, featuring a huge array of talented technology companies, we're honored to be included in the cohort!

December 2018 - Ash TV continues growth plans with Amsterdam expansion

With the business set for European growth plans, Founder Ash moved to our Amsterdam office to help growth in mainland Europe, establishing Ash TV as a remote, employees-first focussed business.

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