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Get Up To 5X More Qualified Leads With Ash TV Ads and Optimised Video

We are here to help. From video production all the way through to advertising and, we have a tonne of tips on how to create videos that convert. We literally wrote the book on it! Reach our audience of 32 million users across all audience types with a well optimsed action driving video campaign.


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Create great content

Let’s start at the very beginning. We need to create an engaging piece of content that gets your message, relevant information for your target audience and, any product discounts that may be useful inside of a neatly packaged 1 minute (ish) video in order to deliver a powerful campaign.

Define your target audience

We can help with this part! We tend to advise starting with an audience that you're comfortable with, possibly from a previous Facebook campaign. We will upload any targeting data you can give us into our platform as well as coming up with a few ideas of our own. We can then optimise based on ROI to find which target audience works best for generating you new leads.

Create new customers.

Once you’ve got a campaign working, and leads coming into your landing pages, it’s common to wonder what’s next. We’ll take you beyond the world of video campaigns and start to optimise, test and improve results rapidly with help from our expert team!

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You Might Be Wondering...

What is Ash TV?

This platform is brought to you after years of industry experience. We’re focused on creating new customers online with video, not only brand awareness. (though we do that really well too!) 

Where is my content shown?

We have created unique and exclusive relationships with some of the world's greatest online titles to reach a whopping 32 million monthly users across all target demographics.

Can I make sales with video?

We’re glad you asked! You sure can. We have designed our entire platform to report on return on investment as our number one metric. For our platform video is not just a branding exercise, but a powerful customer generation tool.

I love it! Can I get started right now?

By all means! In fact, we’d love that. Check out this page to get started with Ash TV right away. We have designed our system to be super easy to use however if you would like any tips or advice we love to chat!

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